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Waste Management with a Skip Hire

Skip is large containers that are open from the top and designed so as to load on a special type of lorry. These skip hire bins have a characteristic shape.

skip hire

Home or business location, both require a proper and timely waste management system. It is nothing but the misconception that ‘skip’ hire is arduous and expensive. Instead, the waste can be removed from your premises with ease without investing a lot of money.

There are different types of skips available as mentioned below:
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Open Skip

This type is generally found on construction sites and is more manageable in terms of loading of waste.

Closed Skip

This one ensures that the maximum volume of waste can never exceed the maximum volume of the container. The closed skip also prevents any unauthorized use by being more secure.

Roll-on and Roll-off Skip

This one is used for industrial purposes and is not suitable for domestic purposes. It is just like an open skip, but with a twist. Instead of being lifted onto a loader with the help of a chain, it is rolled onto a wagon with a hook.

Mobile Skip

The mobile skip bins use a lifting mechanism to load and unload skip from the trailer. This type is generally set on a trailer with four wheels.

One of the significant advantages of skip hire is the ease and handiness of waste management. As far as Brisbane is concerned, the skips are delivered either the same day or in a couple of days after you place the hire request. After that, only the waste is to be loaded, and the rest will be taken care of.

Also, there are a lot of hardships and concerns that you will encounter if you decide to handle the waste by yourself, including the transport arrangement to get your waste to the nearest recycling facility. On the other hand, with the help of skip hire, every single thing is taken care of by the people of the company. To perceive more information about the skip hire services and to know more of its advantages, click here.

Some waste might even contain hazardous substances that can harm you or your family. But with the help of experienced hire, you can prevent yourself and your family from being endangered, which is one of the major profits of not managing the waste by yourself.

There are two categories of skips used for waste management.

  1. Garden Skips

These are meant for the disposal of all green waste, and this type of waste is biodegradable and recyclable. This waste usually comprises leaves, grass clippings, branches.

This is why when one hires a green skip, he/she also ensures that only green waste is disposed of it. Any other type of waste which is not green and is prohibited will remain at your property and not be taken away.

  1. Junk Skips

General and mixed waste materials can be both disposed into these types of bins. The waste can be from electronics, furniture, home appliances. Though heavy waste-timber, bricks, soil, concrete are prohibited.