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How to Get Started

Some are entering the various investment markets with little to no knowledge of what they’re putting themselves into – that’s when it becomes a gamble. As a wise investor, you must first prepare a couple of things before investing – use EARS.

Establish an Investment Plan

This includes setting up an emergency fund. An emergency fund will secure that you have an account to draw from during unforeseen events.

Investments are typically illiquid. For your money to grow, it should stay in the market for a while. An emergency fund will keep your liquidity and guarantee that you’ll immediately have cash when you need it.

Assess Your Risk Tolerance

Each of us receives different levels of income. Some are average-earners, while others are compensated much higher than that. What we receive and what we currently have determines our risk tolerance and what kind of investors we are.

Evaluate your situation. Check your age to see your time horizon before you’ll potentially need or want to receive your return on investments. You should also review if you have any other assets or investments to determine how you’ll diversify your portfolio.

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“For investors with a high appetite for risk, spread betting can be a lucrative passive income play”, however, it does come with its risks.

Research Potential Investments

Let’s say you have other investments, and for an investment portfolio to be effective, it must be diversified. You must combine high-risk or volatile investments with conservative ones.

So, check the different asset classes you may invest in. Ensure that not everything is a fickle investment. You may suffer massive losses if your entire portfolio is highly volatile.

Scrutinize the Market

Investigate the factors that might affect the market you will be investing in. Review its condition both domestically and globally.

The state of the market will offer you a preview of what to expect in terms of interest rates, investment growth, risks, etc. – all helping you make informed choices.

Use EARS to prepare, hear, and understand the market you will be investing in. Preparing is an essential step in your investment process, for it builds your safety net.

Where to Find the Best $50,000 Investment

Numerous vehicles and markets are high-yield investments. Some may even provide you with monthly returns on a $50,000 investment. You have to do your research and check the ins and outs of each asset class to maximize your returns. So, where can you spot the best investment for $50,000?

Real Estate Property

Studies show that real estate is one of the best ways to invest $50,0 The amount may not be enough to pay for real estate, but it can serve as a down payment to start your investment.

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Real estate is one of the best ways to invest $50,000 for passive income because there are multiple ways to enter the market. You may go with REITs or real investments trusts, or crowdfunding. Each is suitable for different types of investors.

A real estate investment trust is similar to the stock market. Office buildings, residential, and commercial spaces are part of REIT investments that investors may trade privately or publicly.

Meanwhile, crowdfunding makes the real estate market accessible to small-time investors. Once you invest in a property, you will become a part-owner or shareholder. You can start investing for as low as $5,000 on crowdfunding platforms like StreitWise and FundRise.

Retirement Accounts

A passive income is money you receive other than your monthly employee compensation. So, once you leave the labor force, a retirement account will secure a sum of money to meet your needs. This is a safe way on how to invest $50,000 for cash flow.

So, in addition to the pension plan contributions made by your employer, you may also open IRAs or individual retirement accounts. These are more flexible and liquid because you have control over your withdrawals.

Setting up individual retirement accounts, whether Roth or traditional IRAs, will reduce the risk of your accounts running dry. It is not advisable to be reliant on Social Security and employer benefits, for these are typically limited and paid monthly – not liquid.

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund offers instant diversification. It is a blend of debt and equity securities – like stocks and bonds. Investing in a mutual fund is one of the best ways to invest $50,000 for passive income.

Mutual funds come with lower transaction costs than investing in individual stocks or bonds. However, these are more volatile than index funds, as it attempts to outperform the economic market.

Index Funds

Index funds are more predictable than active mutual funds because the portfolio’s list of investments is narrowed down – e.g., only S&P 500 or Russel 2,000 listed firms. The returns on investment funds are market-average – so it mirrors the market’s performance, not outperforms it.

Unlike mutual funds, an index fund does not need active management. It does not require constantly trading stocks or bonds. Index funds buy and hold the securities. Hence, there are no expenses incurred for the management or operation of your investment portfolio.

Maximizing Your $50,000

Seeking the help and expertise of a financial advisor may also be a smart move. They have years of knowledge and experience in investing. So, if you are a beginner in investing, you may use a portion of your $50,000 to pay for an advisor.

They will be better able to assess your financial situation, and they can also give you advice on what to do with your money. Financial advisors will also help you enact these potential investments and monitor their growth.


Investing takes a lot of time and money. Therefore, ensure that you take the necessary actions and due diligence to reduce the risk or loss you may experience on your investments.