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Ways you Can Use Mobile Form Apps to Empower Your HVAC Team

Ways you Can Use Mobile Form Apps to Empower Your HVAC Team
  • PublishedOctober 4, 2021

Mobile forms can be completed on smartphones, tablets, or computers. This allows for professional and intuitive data capture, even offline. Pre-populated mobile forms can be sent to HVAC personnel in the field. This will speed up form completion, eliminate redundancies, and improve data accuracy. You can also host new data types on your mobile HVAC forms, such as images, GPS, digital signatures, sketches, barcode data, and more.

What Is a Mobile Form App?

Mobile forms software lets you create customized electronic forms for your company that can be used on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Mobile forms software allows employees to fill out electronic forms and send the results to the server immediately.

A mobile form application is required to collect data from a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) unless you develop your software. Mobile forms software allows you to create digital forms and use them on your mobile device to gather data. You can also store the information. There are many mobile data collection options on the market. They all have different features and are aimed at different business situations.

Digital is the best way for your business to cut down on unnecessary costs and time. Switching to a mobile form app can help your business save up to 20 hours per week in field and administrative work and reduce data entry errors by 50%. We’ve highlighted vital HVAC forms that you can build, manage, and submit with a mobile form app to give you an idea of the possibilities.

Job Estimates

Customers will receive a professional and detailed breakdown of the costs associated with each job, as well as details about terms and conditions. You can organize the labor and material costs of potential jobs with customizable tables. Automatic Calculations can also be used to verify totals. You can quickly get customer approvals with digital Signature boxes.

HVAC Estimates

An estimate is the most important form of documentation, regardless of whether it is a repair or a complete system replacement. You can save time and make job estimations more professional by using a mobile form app. Instead of reaching for the calculator and clipboard, grab your smartphone. This is how it should look.

You should look for an app that lets you customize your estimates, whether in PDF, Word, or Excel. Upload a template, and your field technicians will upload the estimate. The app will deliver the exact information your customers want.

Work Orders

To improve client service professionalism and data accuracy, digitize your work orders. Mobile HVAC forms are used to gather customer information and job details. They also allow teams to quickly dispatch digital work orders with project data to field teams. Utilizing Workflow, PDF copies can be sent to customers, colleagues, and partners as PDF copies. These completed work orders can be uploaded instantly to the cloud and connected systems via seamless integrations.

HVAC Preventive Maintenance Checklists

HVAC preventive maintenance checklists can be helpful for HVAC service businesses. HVAC maintenance should be considered for any business operating out of a commercial space or storefront. Preventive maintenance requirements vary depending on the system and the recommended service intervals. One-size-fits-all checklists won’t cover everything. Mobile form builders make it easy to create, modify and manage customized preventive maintenance checklists tailored to your business.

Inspection Forms

With the digital Inspection form, you can easily capture inspection images, add GPS locations, noting hazards, and take inspection photographs. Mobile HVAC forms allow you to enforce data capture rules and ensure that critical inspection tasks are completed using embedded logic and required fields. You can easily send completed Inspection forms directly to your supervisors or back-office counterparts in real-time.

Energy Audits & Assessments

The digital energy audit allows customers to determine their energy costs and offer possible optimizations quickly. Automated calculations can be used to quickly complete complex totals and generate job proposals as a result.

The Invoice

Customers will receive professional invoices detailing final labor and material costs. Based on drop-down menu selections, instantly populate the appropriate fields with customer and project information. Digital invoices can be electronically routed immediately after completion. Customers no longer have to wait for manual forms to arrive, expediting approvals and speeding up billing cycles.

The Field Service Report

The HVAC mobile forms can be used as a front-end to many systems of record, including Salesforce, ServiceMax, and Smartsheet, Smartsheet, and more, Cloud storage apps like Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, and G Suite, as well as other platforms. For real-time analysis and productivity improvements, you can use mobile forms to create HVAC Field Service Reports.


Digital Timesheets makes it easy to track employee hours and simplify payroll. Instead of waiting for remote HVAC technicians to deliver Timesheets, which can delay payroll and introduce opportunities for human error, mobile forms can be completed quickly and immediately accessed by payroll.

Final Words

Are you still unsure whether to switch from your HVAC system to a mobile app? It’s possible to try it out before you commit. Many mobile forms apps offer a free trial period that allows you to test the app to determine if it is right for your business.

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