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Park in the shed

This may seem obvious, but it has a huge impact on protecting your car from direct sunlight and unbearable heat.

Sometimes people forget too quickly. Remember that if you still want to protect your car and keep it with you as long as possible.

You also have a minute or two after parking, and you can use UV protective window tints, also called sunshades. They will help your car absorb all the heat from outside and not turn your car into a real oven in minutes!


These sunscreens help protect the car’s exterior and paint from fading, protecting the entire interior, including the dashboard, upholstery, steering wheel and everything else inside.

Wash the car!

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While washing your car is important for many reasons other than cleaning it, it is important to be dedicated and clean your car regularly.

Cleaning your car of dust and other particles can help preserve the bright paint for your car.

The value of the car in Dubai will also be maintained and kept in good condition. This can prevent paint from fading by adding another layer of protection: a paint protective film.

Washing once a week and waxing every two months is recommended.

Turn on this air conditioner!

Car conditioning is the only way to save lives in the UAE. You can’t drive in hot weather and not turn on the air conditioning.

This not only protects you from rust or sunburn, but also protects your car from overheating which can cause serious problems with your car.

Check your air conditioning every two months to make sure everything is working properly.

More tips and tricks!

Occupants of such hot places may experience seat burns, steering wheel and harness burns. Not to mention the bad smell coming from inside the car that seems to run on your hot forehead!

So here’s what you can do.

When you want to drive, open your door and wait a few minutes in between. This will eliminate heat and odor.

Don’t leave anything inside the car, especially on the dashboard; Food and beverages can corrode and will be difficult to remove or clean later.