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What are different Kinds of Retainers in India?

  • PublishedJuly 23, 2022

The teeth are now in place and the braces will tell you that the braces have healed. Joy, happiness and a sense of freedom are some of the emotions that surround an orthodontic patient. But what is your orthodontic treatment? The answer is yes and no!

During orthodontic treatment, what the dentist would do was basically move the teeth to specific locations and adjust them and leave them in the new position. You may also recall that during the last two months of your smile-straightening treatment, your orthodontist said, “Treatment is over. But let’s give your teeth some time to settle.”

Why do you need to fix your teeth? Yes, the teeth move into the bone along the bracket and wires they are placed in. As the teeth move, it takes a couple of weeks to a few months for the bone to regenerate and mature . This is what we call dental implants. But what happens when the orthodontist closes or removes the braces at the end of treatment? How does he ensure that your teeth, now moved to their new locations, stay where they need to be for the rest of their lives? To do this, the orthodontist uses a retainer.

Maintenance Orthodontic appliances are provided to the patient to place the teeth in their new replacement position at the end of the orthodontic phase of their treatment. This phase of treatment is called the maintenance phase. Holders are basically divided into two broad categories.

It is separable

As the name implies, a removable holder is a device that can be carried and removed by the patient themselves and does not require assistance or supervision by a dentist. A permanent retainer is being placed behind the teeth by the dentist and should not be removed routinely.

Detachable holder

Basically, there are two types of popular removable holders – Holly’s holder and Asics or clear transparent holders. The two are distinguishable, but different in this way.

The Keeper of the Holy

Holly’s holder is made of acrylic plate and wire. The holder is shaped like a tongue and comes in different colors depending on the color of the acrylic chosen by the patient. To create this holder, your dentist or dentist will remove your braces and measure your upper and lower teeth and send them to a lab for fabrication. In most cases, the color of the acrylic is chosen to match the patient’s oral soft tissue as unobtrusively as possible.

Hawley’s holder has been in use for many years now and is easy to make, easy to carry and remove, and very durable. Compared to other holders available, Holly’s holder is adjustable, allowing you to use it for minor dental movements. If used and maintained properly, the holder can easily last a few years. Other holder benefits of the hall include;

Maintaining oral hygiene is easy.
Easy to clean
Doesn’t paint like fixed holder

However, maintaining it has hereditary consequences.


  • Easy to break or lose
  • The retention of the teeth in their positions depends largely on the patient’s compliance
  • The metal wire is seen on the front surface of the teeth
  • Can form a bacterial lining on the plate if not cleaned properly
  • Increases saliva production in the mouth
Written By
Richard Huss