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What Are The Four Types Of Self-Storage Facilities?

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The self-storage industry has been growing tremendously in the last few years by renting out storage units to tenants on a short-term basis, making them feasible for most users.

Having a safe space to store your belongings that you don’t actually have to buy? Who would say no to that?

From students to house owners, it has a user demographic of all ages and is used by businesses, college students, and furniture storage when house renovations take place.

Why should you choose self-storage facilities?

Aside from the need that arises to temporarily store stuff that you would later need access to, storage units nowadays also offer CCTVs and other security measures to ensure the safety of your stuff, making it a great solution for the storage of valuables as well.

Types of Storage Facilities:

Portable Container Storage:

This type is especially favorable for those people that do not need repetitive access or a climate-controlled environment, as it provides a cost-effective portable unit for delivery to your house. Once filled, they take away the portable container to be stored at their warehouse.

Non-Climate Controlled Storage:

It is also comparatively cheaper than climate-controlled ones, with access being as readily available as in the latter.

These are ideal for the storage of larger belongings like furniture, vehicles, and heavy equipment. It cannot be used, however, for storage of stuff that needs to be regulated in the form of temperature, for example, fruits or snacks, and even sensitive materials like wood, fabric, or paper.

Climate-Controlled Storage Facilities:

Such storage spaces are found in sizes ranging from 25 square feet to 300 square feet and are available within enclosed buildings.

The unit itself is controlled by humidity and temperature, and the safety is kept intact by strict authorized access only for users. There is also a security system installed with multiple cameras monitoring the building.

Access hours and timings are not limited, and there are even some special controlled units for the storage of wines and other beverages.

There is the availability of complementary moving trucks, pulleys, and trolleys for the delivery and retrieval of your belongings as well. Special offers are given by different companies as well.

If you are planning to get one then the M3 Self Storage Facility offers 24-hour access and pin code access with 24-hour CCTV service.

Information Management Service:

This type has the best of both worlds as they pick up the belongings from your house and then store them in a climate-controlled container at their own warehouse.

However, this also means that the price of this is significantly high in comparison to the other ones as the box’s return delivery fees are also added to the charges.

They do not store large items such as furniture and are instead ideal for valuable data and files that you need securely stored.


It is very important to ensure not only that you are choosing the right company for your storage company but also that you are taking in mind the type of storage facility you actually need, keeping in mind the items you intend to store.

Another important factor in deciding the type will be the amount of security required by the items that are present in your storage unit; this will help you make the right choice while still managing to find a budget-friendly deal (Hopefully!).

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