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What Is Call Quality and How to Measure It?

The efficiency and effectiveness of the conversation between a call center agent and the targets will define the quality of a call. It is very important for businesses to have better quality calls to close their deals successfully.

The call quality does not only have to worry about using high-quality mediums to communicate. But they also have to worry about the content that is being shared over a call. The performance of a representative will define whether the quality of the call was good or not.

This article will provide some properties of a quality call and how a business can measure the quality.

Top 4 Properties of a High-Quality Call

A business needs to know the quality of call between the hired agents and their potential targets. These measurements will enable businesses to know whether the agents are doing their jobs well or not. They include a number of factors associated with a call to assess the call quality and record the calls between a prospect and the agent.

Following are the properties of a high-quality call between an agent and prospect.


Your calls must sound professional to you and to the person you are contacting. This professionalism develops an interest in your targets and makes them listen to your offers. Sounding lazy and unprofessional will make the people on the other end hang up the call immediately. That is why many businesses hire experienced call center companies in Dubai to improve their call quality through professional help and support.


The politeness and tone of the agent are key to make the other person listen to you. The politeness of the agent puts the prospect at ease and makes them more comfortable. In such a way, your prospect will open up about their problems and the solutions they are looking for. Your prospect will not share their views or communicate with you if the agents possess bad attitudes.


One thing that is important to know is that your prospects are looking for solutions, not for something to add up to their problems. The quality of a call will depend on how well your agent can understand the problems of the targets and provide them a solution that inspires your targets. The presentation of the solution is key for further dealings and communication with your prospects. So, make sure you are ensuring the target about providing a solution in your call.

Timely calls

Time matters when it comes to calling quality; you need to make sure that your agents are making calls to your prospects on time before your competitors do. And after making successful calls to the targets, it is crucial that they are spending a considerable amount of time talking to your agents. Getting your calls hanged up within seconds is not a good sign for a business or a good call quality.

Top 3 Call Quality Measuring Methods

The quality of a call impacts the return and sales deals of a business. They need to make sure that the calls their agents are making are successful and bringing a positive change for their business. This can only be done if these businesses know and implement the call quality measuring methods.

Below are the methods a business use to measure call quality.

Develop scorecards

You must develop scorecards and pen down the metrics based on which you will be accessing a call. Give marks to the agents based on their performance against each metric. In such a way, you will be able to find the grey areas and the improvement areas for your agents. These scorecards are a great source for agents to understand their weak points and bring changes to those areas for better calls in the future.

Give in-person feedback

After measuring the performance of your prospects and the quality of calls, you must organize feedback sessions with your agents. It is better to have an in-person feedback session. So that the agent is well aware of the mistakes and deficiencies in their efforts and shares their perspective of these deficiencies in the calls.

Recognize successful behaviors

While analyzing and assessing the performance of your agents and the quality of the calls, it is good to recognize the successful behaviors. You should not only provide feedback for negative behaviors or give bad call examples but also provide examples of prime calls. Giving negative feedback demotivates the agents and affects their performance and motivation is key for successful calls. You can also acquire the services of professional call center companies. They will improve the call quality with the help of highly motivated and professional agents.

Improve call quality for better outcomes!

The quality of the call will highly impact your sales deals. If you have high-quality calls, then it means your calls were professional, informative, and satisfactory for the targets. Such properties of a call improve the chances for a business to grow its customers and sales by securing more leads. So, make sure you are improving your call quality or hiring someone that has better knowledge of making successful professional calls with your targets.

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