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What Is The Best Outfit For Practicing Yoga?

What Is The Best Outfit For Practicing Yoga?
  • PublishedMarch 9, 2021

Today we will share the best outfit for practicing yoga. While some followers do not need clothing to practice yoga, most women do not. In this article, we are addressing yoga performers who prefer to dress to practice their favorite discipline!

And for a session to take place in perfect conditions, the outfit should not be chosen at random. The goal is to feel comfortable and perfectly free to move around so you can do all the exercises and hold all the postures.

What are the components of the ideal yoga outfit?

To follow a yoga class in the best conditions, three elements are essential: a top, a bottom and underwear. These must be carefully chosen according to different criteria. In addition, to complete your outfit, remember to remove all your jewelry including your watch. They might weigh you down and get in your way during exercise.

The criteria for choosing yoga clothes

Whether it is the top, the bottom or the underwear, it is always the same criteria that must be taken into account: comfort, breath ability and quality. Other elements are important but these are decisive.


Your outfit should be comfortable as it is imperative that you feel comfortable during the session. The goal is to stop thinking about the details and focus on your breathing. Clothes that are comfortable to wear to the point of offering a second skin feeling are therefore ideal.

Regarding the pants, I advise you to direct your choice towards leggings . Close to the body, it will not hinder your movements. In addition, it is a stretchy pants which, by compressing the muscles, promotes blood circulation. Thus, the latter will optimize their recovery.Yoga And Your Health

An elastic fabric such as elastane must therefore be present in the composition of your yoga pants. To offer you a pleasant wearing, the label must also display a soft and respectful textile such as cotton or viscose for example.

Regarding the bra, I advise you to choose a specific model for the sport. Since yoga is a gentle discipline, you don’t need to choose underwear that displays the highest level of support. The main thing is that you feel good about it.

Best Outfit For Practicing Yoga

The size must be perfectly adapted and the straps must not fall. The best alternatives are offered by racer backs and bras. With crossed or very wide straps, these sports underwear will not move.

Finally, the top meets the same requirements as the pants. Once again, a garment that is not too loose will preserve your freedom of movement.

You can take the season into account when choosing the sleeve length. Once again, a soft touch, a flexible and elastic fabric will be perfect to guarantee your comfort.

Namely, a sports bra can easily replace a top. For those who are not afraid to show off their belly, this alternative can be very comfortable, especially in summer.

Breath ability

Sports bra or crop top, pants and top must be made of breathable textiles. This feature is essential for allowing clothes to wick sweat quickly, thus allowing you to stay dry during your yoga classes.

Among the most breathable textiles, we find lycra, polyester, cotton or bamboo which will allow you to follow your sports lessons in good conditions.

The quality

Once again, the selected textile materials are decisive. But not only because the finishes or the cut also participate in defining the robustness of the garment and its hold over time.

Note that the more qualitative the garment, the more expensive it is. I advise you to take into account the frequency of your workouts to find the ideal quality / price ratio. Indeed, if you take courses occasionally, opt for a decent quality at a reasonable price.

Your clothes will not deteriorate quickly because they will be little used. On the other hand, if you train very regularly, do not hesitate to prioritize quality. You will have to agree to pay more but you will make a good investment because your clothes will satisfy you for several years.

And the aesthetics?

Here is another criterion which, without being decisive, is important. Do not hesitate to indulge yourself by choosing your yoga outfit. Today, sportswear manufacturers manage to vary colors and patterns so that every athlete can indulge themselves and cultivate their own style.

You will therefore be able to combine comfort, breath ability, robustness and aesthetics! Thus, the conditions will be really ideal because not only will you be comfortable but you will also feel beautiful and confident!

Here is our selection of the best women’s sets for practicing yoga.

1. Women’s yoga top and leggings set

This set specially designed for yoga practice consists of a leggings and a bra. Comfortable and soft, these two garments use natural cotton fiber to provide a pleasant touch and good breath ability. Hypoallergenic and very absorbent, cotton is able to quickly wick perspiration to help you stay dry throughout the session.

On the label of this set, polyester is also present. Not only absorbent but also very resistant, it gives its robustness to clothes. Finally, elastane completes the list of textile materials present in the composition of these garments. Guaranteeing excellent elasticity, it allows the bra and leggings to perfectly conform to your shapes.Yoga Practicing

I think this set is pretty well designed for practicing yoga. Stretchable, soft and absorbent, it will preserve your freedom of movement and will allow you to stay dry in the event of intense efforts. In terms of aesthetics, I find the two pieces of clothing to be pretty and match brilliantly. The discreet and feminine pastel purple covers the entire bra while the leggings feature white stripes.

A small downside regarding the bra, it is not a sports bra strictly speaking even if it must be worn as well. In my opinion, it will be perfect for small breasts but otherwise, it is better to favor a real sports bra which will offer better support.

Best Outfit For Practicing Yoga

2. Youth Union 5 piece yoga set

Here is a complete set and ideally designed for yoga. The textile mainly present in these clothes is polyester. Extremely resistant and very absorbent, the latter guarantees a long lifespan of clothes while showing real capacities to wick perspiration quickly and effectively.

Buy the best women’s sport wear from the best online store felix fit.

The pants are nothing other than leggings with a wide belt at the waist to guarantee good support and thus preserve your freedom of movement. This set also offers shorts to wear alone or over the leggings. I think it can be useful in summer to allow you to practice other sports outdoors.

A brassiere-type bra will allow you to take off your T-shirt to feel freer of your movements and more comfortable in the event of strong heat. The short-sleeved T-shirt has a pretty feminine cut that will highlight your curves.

Finally, the hooded jacket completes this set and will allow you to go to your yoga classes already dressed!

On the aesthetic side, this set is quite classic. The leggings and shorts are predominantly black while the T-shirt and bras are gray. These two colors go together brilliantly and will allow you to remain discreet. The set is also available in black and pink for those who want to add a touch of femininity!

In my opinion, the strong point of this set is its versatility. Indeed, it is ideally designed to allow you to practice all sports in good conditions. Regarding yoga, its cut close to the body will allow you to succeed in your exercises and to hold your postures without any discomfort.

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3.Felix Fit Women’s 2 Piece Yoga Set

Here is a more original yoga set from an aesthetic point of view. He abandons plain colors to sport turquoise blue line patterns on a black background. This mix offers a nice gradient on the bottom of the bra. Turquoise blue is also highlighted on the leggings at the waist. Other equally vibrant colors are available. I find orange and pink particularly attractive!

This sports set therefore consists of a bra with a wide belt under the chest, to provide good support, and a leggings also topped with a wide belt to prevent it from coming down during the session. Stretchy, absorbent and resistant, these garments are made of a stretch and soft synthetic textile fiber to guarantee maximum comfort.

The composition of these clothes gives them a real ability to stretch to regain their shape after each wash. In addition, the absorbent properties of the synthetic fabrics used will allow them to quickly evacuate perspiration to allow you to stay dry during the entire session.

Two sizes are available for the top. The bra can be replaced with a close-fitting top that falls to the hips. If you don’t like showing off your belly, then you can choose this set by selecting the long top.

Please note, this set offers sizes from 36 to 42 grouped together in one size. Very stretchy, it should normally adapt to your body type. I advise you to try it as soon as you receive it to be sure that it fits perfectly.

Written By
Adam Smith