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What is the Difference between Tech Pack and Cut Sheet?

What is the Difference between Tech Pack and Cut Sheet? 

The words tech pack and cut sheet are regularly thrown around in the clothing manufacturing industry. They are often associated with work, revisions, clothing products, designs, and a lot more. This is mainly because tech packs and cut sheets are integral files in the world of manufacturing. They serve as the backbone of any clothing project. Each clothing products you see out there in the market today have their own corresponding tech pack and cut sheet back in the factory where they were manufactured. In this article, let us discuss the difference between tech pack and cut sheets and their importance to clothing projects.

What is a Cut Sheet?

A cut sheet is a pre-production file containing vital specifications and measurements of a clothing product. It is basically a spreadsheet containing graphical measurement guidelines of a clothing product stressing its point of measurement. The cut sheet covers graded measurements of the product in all its available sizes from the small, medium, or large. It reveals measurement parameters that serve as a guide for the clothing manufacturer to create patterns during the product development process.

The cut sheet only focuses on the measurement, dimensions, and sizes of the clothing product. It does not cover other aspects such as garment detail, care labels, garment construction, and all other product details. Its function to product development is kind of limited but provides a lot of impact to the outcome of the project. Without a cut sheet, the manufacturer cannot jumpstart on product development or at least start the production phase.

What is a Tech Pack?

A tech pack is the set of pre-production files needed for a clothing product. It contains all the details, specifications, and preferences of a clothing project. Sketches of the potential product presented in different perspectives can be found inside the tech pack along with full detailed instructions of garment construction. Trims, accessories, and other details are also enumerated inside the tech pack including specific instructions on how and where to place them on the product. Fabric details, wash care, prints, and all other specifications are all found within the tech pack. Lastly, the spec sheet completes the tech pack.

The tech pack is the most important file in all of up production. Without a tech pack, there is no project to work on and the design will remain as an idea. Once the design is conceived, tech pack creation is the next step in product development. The process takes time and a lot of back and forth before it gets completed. Brainstorming and ideas are all pitched in during the process before the product gets finalized to its expected result. Making a clothing tech pack will serve as the manufacturer’s basis once the project is moved on to the production line.

Analyzing the Difference between the Tech Pack and Cut Sheet

A lot of manufacturing professionals sometimes interchangeably use these terms which leads to a misconception among newbies in the field of clothing manufacturing. The main focus of clothing manufacturing is on measurements and dimensions during product development which makes the cut sheet a major part of the tech pack. In other areas of manufacturing, such as plastic and electronic products production, the cut sheet only plays a minor role or can even be irrelevant which makes it simply a part of the tech pack.

Let us be clear that the cut sheet is only a part of the tech pack while the tech pack itself is the entire set of pre-production files needed for the project. Clothing manufacturers tend to use the terms in a way in which they both sound interchangeable or the same. If you get to spend more time dealing with manufacturers, suppliers, and even fellow clothing lines, you will have a better grasp of all the jargon, terminologies, and lingos being used in the clothing industry. The speed of the game does not require you to be all technical with these terms as long as a level of understanding is met.


In the clothing manufacturing industry, tech pack creation is the most crucial process in all product development. The focus on coming up with the spec sheet is critical to the outcome of the project wherein any changes to it will right away alter the entire project like a domino effect. Even though the cut sheet is only a part of the tech pack, it is where the focus lies and project designers tend to give a lot of attention to its details before the product gets finalized. The cut sheet is a major part of the tech pack in the world of clothing manufacturing.

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