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What Should you not Do with a New BMW? 

5 Things not to do with a new BMW:

Bavarian Motor Works, commonly known as BMW a highly luxurious German brand that had lived the hearts of customers since its inception. Its high association with motherland Germany leads to its vigorous impression of quality.

From 2007 to 2020, BMW has been considered as the strongest, most valuable automobile brand and the biggest brand in Germany and best global brand.

People usually tend to feel proud to be a Beemer or a Bimmer as BMW possesses a strong corporate brand identity and brand equity. In 2018, BMW was on number 9 in terms of the most reputed company.

We would be discussing the major don’t of a new BMW car. It seems that those amazing Bavarian machines have wings that let you fly with supersonic speed, durable long lives, best comfortability designs, and safety features. They are one of the best racy sporty brands known. But if you are a bimmer, you should be cautious while doing few things undermentioned.

Now, let’s steer to the issue; Major Don’ts with your new BMW car.

Never let your car get a spoiler:

If you don’t have a keen inclination toward sports and racing, then never install a spoiler on your car. Because on busy roads, you’re unable to fly and hence the spoilers are of no use. Not only they would kill your wallets but also diminish your car efficiency.

Don’t Under glow your car:

When you’ve got a new BMW, and became a newly Bimmer, we can understand your eagerness to further differentiate your car. But wait, don’t mask your lights to enhance the car aesthetically. Because it could be a risk to your safety as well as of others. And it is also inadvisable because of being prohibited by the government.

Think hundred times before putting an M badge to a non-M car:

If you’ve got a non-M car then don’t even think to put an M badge on it. When we say, ‘Just try to be yourself, don’t pretend for what you’re not’. The same goes for your car. By putting a badge that doesn’t belong to your car doesn’t make your car, an M car. So, the suggestion is to don’t make it something that it is not. M in BMW terminology actually means that car belongs to motorsports series or there’s something more special in it.

Don’t slam doors:

BMW doors are meant to be closed gently. So, stop slamming doors.

Don’t compare different BMW Models:

Every model is meant to be a unique, durable, and high performer. So just stop saying my BMW 135i performance exhaust is superb than your M5. Or my BMW X8 is better than your M5. No doubt it is. All Bimmers enjoy a vigorous exhaust system in BMW.

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