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What You Need to Know about Norman Ebenstein

Norm Ebenstein is one of the leading experts on commercial real estate, and with his work in this field, he has provided a lot of assistance to those who want to start or run a business. He has left a legacy with his involvement with the Eden Center near Washington DC.

However, aside from the Eden Center, this professional has brought a lot of other high-profile commercial establishments to fruition. From cultural hubs that celebrate cuisine, art, and others, you’ll see that Attorney Norman Ebenstein was a philanthropist by nature. Read more about his life here.

The Birth of the Property Mogul

Many people know Norm Ebenstein as one of the company founders called Capital Commercial Properties. However, his story started on October 23, 1928, when he was born to Jeannette and Samuel Ebenstein. The couple moved from New York to Massachusetts after the birth of their son.

Norm completed his education in New Hampshire at the Phillips Exeter Academy. He then proceeded to study economics at Brown University and began his law education at Boston University Law School. He enjoyed his career as a lawyer so much that he practiced it for a few more years before making a leap of faith into the realm of real estate property.

Norm Ebenstein is one of the country’s most well-known and successful commercial real estate professionals. He has decades of experience in the industry and has done extensive work in many states. In addition to his real estate expertise, the man was also a highly skilled negotiator and had a knack for understanding what clients wanted and needed. As a result, he can provide them with high-quality services at a fair price.

A Legacy and a Career

The firm that Norm founded was called Capital Commercial Properties, where he would become the president for almost five decades. He is always trying to shape neighborhoods and develop enterprises in many areas. During his 50-year career, he oversaw many projects like malls, residential property developments, and shopping centers which would become his legacy to his children.

Ebenstein then went on to found his own investment firm, which became one of the largest and most successful in the world. His investments have spanned all parts of the commercial real estate market, from single-family homes and retail spaces to office buildings and everything in between.

The crown jewel of the man’s career is the Eden Center, and this is his pride as a professional. This is about 20 minutes from the District of Columbia in Washington, located in Virginia City. This special district houses jewelry shops, offices, supermarkets, and restaurants.

What makes these establishments different is that the local families own them. They cater to the Asian American population, and some can enjoy specialties and meals from other countries.

Other notable accomplishments made by Norm are the following:

  • Timonium Square
  • Stoneymill Square, Maryland
  • Sullivan Place
  • Hillandale Shopping Center
  • Bel Aire Plaza Shopping Center
  • Javier Road

Accomplishments and Philanthropic Work

There’s also a lot of room for philanthropy and charities during Norm’s career. Aside from non-profit organizations and sponsorships, he founded an organization in his name. The Ebenstein foundation still serves many people today, even after the founder’s death.

Ebenstein’s strategy for success in the commercial real estate sector revolves around three key principles: diversification, patience, and execution. He focuses on buying undervalued commercial properties by the market, investing in quality assets, and holding onto his properties for as long as possible to maximize profits as others might have done in his place. Learn more about commercial properties in this link here.

Norm was not only an excellent businessman, but he believed in giving. Unlike other entrepreneurs, he thought he was responsible for giving back to the Jewish community. He helped improve their lives, supported non-profit organizations that are highly connected to the group, and encouraged others to do the same.

He took the role of president in B’nai B’rith, a local organization aiming to provide diverse education and safe housing. These communities also help other residents who are in need.

A Good Family Man and Provider

His education and career are not the only two important things in his life. Norman has many family values, which shows when he raised two kids with his wife, Shirley. The two met when Norm was still a student, and they found themselves in love and stayed married for 65 years. They have a daughter, a son, and a couple of Labradors, making their family life complete.

Enduring Legacy

Norm passed away at the age of 88 last December 2016. However, he still has the company he established during his work, and it’s expected to endure for more generations to come. His role in developing Eden Center has made its mark on the locals, resulting in a richer cultural impact in the DC area.

While it’s inspiring to read about the life of Norm, some people should visit his legacy in Falls Church that’s outside of DC. This is a wonderland of experiences and flavors; some can even get an authentic Vietnamese pho. The highlight of the commercial Eden Center is its beautiful clock tower. It’s a replica of the one that’s in Saigon.

Norm Ebenstein is a commercial real estate mogul who has been involved in the industry for over 50 years. He is the founder and CEO of Capital Commercial Group, a commercial real estate investment and advisory firm. Because of his unique perspective on the retail real estate industry, he has both owned and managed properties that are still standing decades later. You can visit this post for information about real estate.

Norm Ebenstein is known for his expertise in the leasing and management of office buildings. He also has a strong track record of successfully investing in commercial real estate projects. His company provides comprehensive financial and management advice to clients in the commercial real estate sector through his descendants. You might want to visit them if you’re interested in investing in commercial rental properties and see what they can offer you.