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What’s Bringing Your Social Media Conversion down?

Gone are the days where people were using social media only for posting about their life. Nowadays, social media has become a potent tool for business marketing. Not only reach and awareness, but it also facilitates lead generation followed by sales conversion. As per brand experts, social media is a marketing tool with an even larger impact on brand reach, sales, and conversions.

A good branding strategy is always the one that uses social media to their advantage. And plans social media campaigns as a tool for revenue generation.

Social media in business strategy_ goals and benefits

It can be done with the help of paid ads features offered by social media platforms. Before we move further, we would want you to answer the following two questions,

  • Are you worried about not getting leads or if leads are generated, but they don’t result in conversion?
  • Have you tried a paid ad campaign on social media and failed to achieve expected results?

If your answer is Yes.
Here are the top five factors which bring social media conversions down:

1. Using the Wrong Social Media Platform- The first and foremost mistake digital marketers or business owners make using the wrong social media platform. There are a variety of social media platforms available like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and more. Each of them is designed and curated with an intent, a networking goal, which is why sometimes it isn’t easy to know which platform to go with. A careful assessment of the most suitable advertising platform, consumer insights, and market is the basic requirement to plan any campaign for conversion. If you want to target corporate millennials, then LinkedIn is a good platform for you and if you are targeting millennials that are artists/bakers/fashion influencers, you can go with Instagram or YouTube.

2. Incompetent Analytics- The second reason can be incompetent analytics; when you set up a business account on a social media platform, be it Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you can see how your account is performing with the help of analytics offered by these social media platforms.

These are the things you can get through analytics:

  • You will learn about your target audience (age and location)
  • It can help you in measuring brand awareness (Engagement rates and website clicks)
  • You will get a better understanding of which hashtags to use while posting.
  • You will get an idea of what type of content your audience wants from your page.
  • Overall you can get a close picture of your target audience by properly analyzing these analytics.

A polished digital marketing expert or someone who is managing the brand account will use the analytics to your edge and optimize it for the best results possible.

3. Not Following Trends- Before running a social media campaign, which should do proper research on trends. Social media audiences love viral things with attractive graphics, and short videos, memes and carousel ads are other popular content forms; no one likes to go with long text, or sometimes it depends on the platform’s audience and algorithm, even Twitter or Pinterest limit text characters. Still, there are some topics which need to be explained in details; here is what you can do in such a situation:

  • For Facebook and Pinterest, you can go with short text attractive graphics with a URL for the detailed version.
  • For Instagram, use square size images with the short text and add a URL in bio, or you can come with a portrait carousel of maximum of ten slides.
  • Linkedin works best with microblogs and relevant hashtags.

4. Not using call-to-action- CTAs are significant for Conversions. If you want your visitors to engage, then you must use call-to-action. Also it will give a clear direction to the audience. CTAs should be in bright colors to attract attention.

Here are some tips for call-to-action copy or button:

  • Keep it clear and visible.
  • Create Urgency like 50% off today, Shop Now, Only a few left.
  • Keep it short and eye-catching.
  • Attach promo code or offer something for free. Giveaways are powerful, say an ebook, a free consultation, a meal plan, etc.
  • Try using the first person like “start my free test” instead of “start you free trial.”

5. Lack of consistency with branding- Sometimes, businesses are not consistent with their branding; this may be a case with yours too. Branding is your identity, and it helps you in staying away from the competition. Here is what brand consistency really mean;

  • Creative elements like tone, color scheme need to be consistent for approaching the customer point of purchase.
  • If there is any update like addition in the product line and new theme, this must be conveyed to the audience.
  • Never try to steal something from other brands; you can take inspiration from them, but don’t make a mistake by copying them because strategies which work for others might not work for yours.

Here are some additional tips which can help you bring social media conversion up:

1. Use social media marketing funnel:

  • Awareness: Attract new people who are currently unaware of your brand by awareness campaigns.
  • Consideration: Provide unique content for standing out among your competition so that new audience individuals can remember you.
  • Sales: Compelling your audience by attractive offers and suitable product to make a purchase
  • Loyalty: Build a loyal customer base by asking about feedback about products through mails.
  • Repeat: Make them repeat purchase by offering them vouchers and offers due to their previous purchase.

2. Post regularly with innovative ideas as the world is changing so fast. You must update yourself for walking with the trends.
3. Reply to DM’s and comments of the audience; sometimes they need some direction.
4. Ask the audience to subscribe to your newsletter
5. Know your target audience for running paid ads, provide value-driven content, and do that consistently.

Social media offers huge benefits for your brand and helps increase your sales for business growth. Following the overhead suggestions will help your social media presence and get leads in no time!

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