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Where These Locations exist in the Game? – Gpo Map Roblox

Roblox’s pirate war game, GPO (Grand Piece Online), is already attracting players from around the world. He is very popular with American and British players.

In addition, the game has a unique card that attracts more players, as well as new gameplay and history. There are various places and locations on the game map that you can find. Players of all levels can access this page by searching for treasures.

If you are unfamiliar with the game, check out the new Gpo Roblox playing cards to find treasures and win easily.

Gpo Maps What is Roblox?

Each multiplayer Roblox game comes with a variety of cards that players can enjoy. Similarly, GPO has a game map with different locations and islands that you can explore. If you are unfamiliar with this game, you need to know the game map to increase your chances of winning a level.

The game card is divided into four parts – south, west, north, and east. Each place on the Gpo Roblox map has something special, and players need to find treasures to fight bosses and challenges.

The player’s role is to explore islands and places on the map to find treasures and collect them to progress in the game. In some areas, there are also problems and obstacles that players must overcome in battles with bosses.

Learn more about playing cards below to help you find the treasure.

Roblox Gpo card full

South – the southern part of the game map contains two locations: Sandora and Spaun.

• Southwest – The southwest part of the map contains two regions, Hakit and Yeti.

West – Mink, Buggy, Rokushiki, Shells, and Barrati Island are located on the west side of the map.

The Northern Colosseum, the Island of the Year, and the PVP are located in the northern part of the map

• Northeast – the sword is located in the northeast

• East – Runway, and Marine – are two places east of the Gpo Roblox map

Playing cards include treasure hunts, and the player must monitor the completion of quests and progress in the game.

Where are these places in the game?

Each of the above places is located in the Phi Sea or the First Sea. Players need to understand that places are not common. Players must climb to reach certain restricted places on the map.

For example, in Gpo Map Roblox you need 10 or more points to get to Sandora, and 50 or more to enter Orange Town. Areas such as Marine Ford and Elo’s Island are only available to players at level 285 or higher.

The Heavenly Earth Zone is available to 154 or more elite players.


Roblox GPO cards make the game fun and invite players to explore the area and go in search of treasure in the game.

Please note that not all locations on the map are available to players, as you need to be in a certain location to access places on the Roblox Gpo map.

Which areas are on the GPO map? Share your experience in the comments section.