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Where To Get Information About Cryptocurrency?

The Crypto business is complex and requires constant flexibility. It is impossible to trade cryptocurrency without the necessary tools. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and sometimes traders do not have time to follow all the changes. In such moments, specialized platforms become good saviors. We have selected for you a selection of the best and most useful cryptocurrency websites. All sites have their features and are necessary for those interested in the crypto business. You’ll find everything from charts and analysis to news on these platforms.


Chainbroker is a crypto platform that helps people track private and public fundraising. The platform delivers information on IDO/IEO, private, strategic, and seed rounds. Chainbroker can be useful for people who are looking for cryptocurrency projects connected with cryptocurrencies and decentralized systems. You need to go to the “projects” page and you will find dozens of public and private projects. You can search for certain projects just by typing the name, or by using the filter. Thanks to the filter you can differentiate projects by investors, projects category, last funding stage, and funding amount.

Chainbroker will also be useful for people who are looking for top crypto funds. There are lots of funds that have been working in the market for years and have invested in lots of new promising cryptocurrency projects. You can also use the filters to find the most accurate fund for your needs. You filter funds by type, last funding date, number of investments, and foundation year. The crypto platform gives you detailed information about each project and fund. Besides, you can go to the “events” page and look for upcoming events. Thus, we can call it one of the best websites for crypto traders.


The Messari is a crypto platform run by an experienced team of experts in different fields like economics, mathematics, engineering, etc. The platform provides users with different types of information about cryptocurrencies like research, infographics, and analysis. You can find literally all crypto data on the website. On the main page, you will find the up-to-date chart of all the available cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and others. Thanks to the website you will always be aware of the current prices of cryptocurrencies. The crypto platform also provides users with DAO tools that can help in operating systems, project management, access control, and finances. Messari platform offers users to become part of different communities like service, music, developers, investment, and protocol. The website always supplies the news page with breaking news, so you can keep updated about all the crypto events by visiting the “news page”.


CoinMetrics focuses on the analysis of the crypto market. The platform provides users with all possible crypto analysis tools, like Accumulation Line, and unbalance volume, which are highly necessary for the unstable crypto market. That is why professional traders help new crypto owners to predict and analyze crypto changes. CoinMetrics is an experienced team of traders who post charted data for years. The platform manages to keep track of the on-chain data all the team, which is quite hard. The subscribers of CoinMetrics get access to more than 100+ assets and 300 metrics. This way you can analyze all the charts needed. The platform provides users with metrics that show the performance, volatility, and dominance of the market. With the help of the metrics, you will be able to identify trends and recognize the sequence. The platform provides users with the following metrics: You will be able to download the chart with the help of the metrics and analyze it.


CoinGecko helps users with data tracking. The platform tracks nearly 9000 cryptocurrencies across all the possible exchanges. CoinGecko is a helpful tool for tracking and analyzing cryptocurrencies. You will be able to understand whether you need to buy a crypto coin or not thanks to the chart and detailed information on the crypto coin. The website has easy navigation and you can differentiate the assets by several criteria with the help of filters. CoinGecko shares all of the important and necessary information about cryptocurrency and general news. You can read about the new events in the crypto world on the website. Besides the platform is quite easy to use because it has an app working on all devices. The app allows users to track the profitability of trades. This way, the charting platform is easy to use everywhere. Besides, of is adjusted for the traders of all possible levels.


CryptoMiso is a tool for cryptocurrency ranking that has been founded in 2018. It provides users with information about the activity of different crypto coins. The platform gives users the possibility to track all the coins one by one. The work of CryptoMiso is based on GitHub, which is considered a good indicator for the projects which improve their products. You will see useful charts immediately after visiting the platform. You can find the history of nearly 300 cryptocurrencies. Generally, CryptoMiso provides the necessary ranking to analyze the performance of cryptos. Moreover, CryptoMiso has a concise design and is easy to use. That is why it is so popular among traders.

Final Words

There are lots of useful websites that can help you to analyze the market and make decisions about cryptocurrency trading. Crypto traders should always stay up to date with the various crypto coins. CoinGecko and CryptoMiso are the best platforms for those who need to analyze and track cryptocurrency activity. CoinMetrics is also a great market and cryptocurrency analysis tool. While Chainbroker provides all the necessary information about new, upcoming and popular crypto projects and top crypto funds. Each website will be useful for traders at a certain stage of their trading path. Besides, each of the platforms works for a long time and is trusted by the users.