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Where to sell old furniture: websites and life hacks

How to properly sell old junk

Old furniture does not necessarily need to be thrown away. They can be sold and even very profitably to Used Furniture Buyers in Dubai.

Not everyone can afford new, many families are looking for cheap and old furniture. We should not forget about creative people who need such furniture for work in the field of art. In addition, many collectors collect all kinds of junk. If you have used Furniture and Appliances, you can sell it too.

For example, repair shops are happy to buy old PCs, monitors, washing machines, TVs, and other household appliances. The amount that can be recovered for the sold old equipment can be very different, depending on the condition of the item. What is important is that your device is broken, for example, they won’t pay a lot of money for an old monitor with a non-working kinescope. The cost of each item is negotiated individually.

How to choose a price

To understand what price to ask for your product, you need to monitor the market.

If your furniture remains in good condition: without scratches, breaks, and marks from hot mugs, then you can bid a decent price. Look at how much such new furniture costs, subtract 40% – this will be your offer. If the furniture is not in the best condition, then you need to compare the prices for similar second-hand items. Goods Look at the average price for furniture in typical condition there. Without price monitoring, you can lose a lot of money or not sell the product at all if you set a price that is too high.

Where to sell

Register on Max Used Furniture’s website. You will be able to sell any furniture or other things on these sites, but you need to treat it with full responsibility.

  • Fill in all the fields that the site requires of you
  • Take high-quality photos of the product
  • Write a full description of the product with your comments in plain language
  • Specify contacts
  • Specify the exact price
  • State the reason for the sale
  • Visit the site at least once every two or three days

We take out money

You can take it and just take the wardrobe or the old sofa to the garbage can. But utility workers should not clean such garbage. Then your old furniture will simply be stretched by homeless or thrifty townspeople.

If you have a lot of old furniture at home and you do not need it, order a car and take it to the dump.

Almost any company that specializes in garbage removal will be able to provide you with such a service.

Where to apply

Pay attention to various flea market sites, sites with private ads. Sometimes there are even very profitable ads from collectors of old equipment. Or simply contact Used Furniture Dubai if you want to get rid of your old furniture.


You cannot take old equipment and simply throw it away, this can cause significant damage to the environment. Hazardous metals, such as mercury or lead, are used in the manufacture of household appliances and computers. At the landfill, under the influence of high temperatures or precipitation, all this falls into the soil. Therefore, it is best to dispose of old and unnecessary equipment.

There are enough companies involved in the disposal of equipment in Dubai. As in the case of repair shops, the cost of recycling depends on the amount of equipment, its type, and age. Please note that in this case, you pay for the recycling of the equipment, not you.

The cost of services for the disposal of old equipment is negotiated individually, it all depends on what is being disposed of and how old it is.

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