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White Fillings vs. Traditional Fillings: Making the Right Choice


Getting a cavity filled doesn’t have to mean an unsightly silver filling. With advanced composite materials, natural-looking white fillings are now a popular option. But how do you decide whether to go with traditional amalgam or modern white fillings? Here we would like to thank Dr. Kamal Haddad of Palmer Dental in Easton PA, for providing the required information.  Weighing the pros and cons of each helps make the right choice for your dental needs.

Appearance – Blending In vs. Standing Out

One of the biggest advantages of white fillings is their discreet appearance. Made of tooth-colored plastic and ceramic, composite resin blends in seamlessly with your surrounding tooth structure and matches your natural shade. White fillings are practically invisible. Meanwhile, silver amalgam fillings have a grayish-black tinge that stands out next to pearly white teeth. If maintaining a natural smile is important, white fillings have an aesthetic edge.

Bonding Ability – Fuses vs. Just Fills

Composite white filling material chemically adheres and bonds to the tooth surface. This creates a tight, durable seal. Amalgam fillings simply fill the hole and do not fuse to the tooth walls. Adhesive bonding allows for more conservative cavity preps as less natural tooth needs removal. It also reinforces the remaining tooth structure. Amalgams rely solely on shape for retention.

Tooth Preservation – Conservative vs. Aggressive Prep

Speaking of which, white fillings are more conservative as they require the removal of less natural tooth structure during preparation. Because composites adhere directly to the tooth walls, small excavations can be made. Amalgam doesn’t bond, so bigger undercuts must be made to retain it. Removing less healthy tooth is a huge plus.

Strength and Durability – Tried and True vs. Advanced

The longevity of amalgam gives it a slight edge that makes it still viable for large cavities in back teeth. However, with ongoing material innovations, composites last 8-10 years or longer on average – only a bit less than amalgams. For small to mid-size fillings, white fillings perform extremely well in terms of durability.

Health Considerations – Mercury-Free vs. Toxic

White fillings contain no metals or mercury, just ceramic and plastic. Amalgam is 50% elemental mercury which raises health concerns for some patients. Many people prefer to avoid placing mercury in their mouths. White fillings eliminate this worry.

With these factors weighed up, the choice often leans toward white fillings for small and mid-size cavities, while amalgam still has a place for large load-bearing cavities. Patients increasingly prefer white fillings for the conservative approach, bonded strength, and non-toxic profile.

Finding an Experienced Dentist

If opting for white fillings, finding a dentist proficient in placing them is key. A skilled cosmetic dentist will ensure a natural looking result and strong bond. Be sure to see before and after examples and patient reviews. With precision, care, and advanced materials, your dentist can deliver beautiful, durable white fillings you’ll be happy with for years.

White Filling in Easton, PA

For Easton, PA residents searching for a top-rated dentist to place white fillings, look no further than Dr. Kamal Haddad of Palmer Dental. With decades of experience performing a wide range of dental procedures, Dr. Haddad is one of the most trusted dentist for white filling in Easton, PA. His cosmetic training and eye for aesthetics allow him to expertly place white fillings that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Dr. Haddad uses the most advanced bonding agents and composite materials to ensure long-lasting, beautiful white fillings results. Patients rave about the natural looking white fillings from Dr. Haddad and his gentle, patient-centered approach. To experience the artistry and care that Dr. Haddad brings to white fillings in Easton, PA, call Palmer Dental today to schedule your appointment.


While amalgam fillings have been the go-to for decades, white fillings offer an aesthetic and bonding advantage. Consult with your dentist about whether white fillings or traditional fillings are right for your particular cavity and dental needs. For many patients today, white fillings provide the most natural, conservative restoration. With a skilled dentist, you’ll receive white fillings that preserve your smile for the long run.

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