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Why Do Websites Need a Facelift?

Elevating your website design is a never-ending process that allows businesses to stay in the competition. This is specifically important in today’s age, where your online presence now matters more than ever. Site is the first thing that a visitor perceives about your brand or company. Outdated website information and unattractive design can make new visitors leave with a bad impression of your business.

The evolution of technology provides website owners with more capabilities to enhance their user experience. Most companies redevelop a new website from scratch to incorporate all the trending, captivating elements into their site. Redeveloping may not be necessary when you have services like facelifts in the market. Facelift refers to the process of revamping or redesigning your site structure and elements without creating everything from scratch.

Facelifting a site can save your finances from developing a newer one; keep reading the article to find out why websites need a facelift.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Website Facelift

Most business owners get confused when their website starts to underperform. They start thinking about investing capital into developing a new website with a trending design to expand their reach. However, most of your website issues can be resolved without having to invest in redeveloping. Facelift can enhance most of your website aspects to ensure optimal performance without overburdening your expenses.

Here are 5 signs that are telling you to consider a site facelift.

1. Your Website Graphics Look Old

Website graphics play an important role in keeping your visitors hooked. If your website is still using graphics from past years, it won’t portray a professional brand image. Instead, it will leave a negative impression on your first-time visitors. Well-performing websites take advantage of trending, captivating website graphics to grab their visitor’s attention.

The evolution of the tech industry is constantly providing better options to enhance site visual elements. You can take advantage of design trends and incorporate them into your site to enhance user experience. Companies achieve this by referring to website service providers for website maintenance Dubai that maintain and revamp your site for better results.

2. Poor Conversion Rate

An outdated website doesn’t just affect visual appearance but also contributes to a decreased conversion rate. This is because the old structure can also influence the site functionality, which is crucial for conversion rate. Customers are more likely to proceed with a website that offers a seamless browsing and buying experience.

Opting for a facelift will help you see a significant difference in your conversion rate. Facelifting optimizes your design, improves layout, and leads to better content placement. This makes your website easy to navigate, and visitors are more likely to purchase the service you are offering. Thus, a captivating and organized website layout can persuade visitors to take action and increase your conversion rate.

3. Website is Irresponsive on Mobile

Statistics show that 79% of mobile phone owners have made purchases using their mobile phones. This makes responsive website design an important factor in getting more traffic and sales. If your website is not maintained for mobile devices, your visitors will have a hard time interacting with your site.

The layout of your website is very different on mobile phones compared to desktop screens. For example, some elements that you can easily see on a computer screen can be hard to notice on smaller screens. This will affect your smartphone visitors’ browsing experience and eventually cause them to leave. Opting for facelift services will redesign your site to make it responsive for different screen sizes.

4. Visitors Can’t Share Website Content

Some visitors might like a specific blog post that they might want to share on their social handles. If your website doesn’t have an option for that, you just have an opportunity to expand your audience growth. Similarly, when you are running a promotional offer, and it doesn’t have the option to share, you won’t receive enough attention.

Your website might be filled with quality content that users can share on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Facelifting and maintenance services: Take a close look at your website to find all the shareable content. Thus, they integrate your website with various platforms to provide consumers with content-sharing capabilities and boost your traffic.

5. Outdated Brand Messaging

As your business evolves, you might make changes in branding to see what works best for you. And, if you have recently rebranded, you might have changed your brand messaging, texts, logos, and whatnot. This makes facelifts an important factor in updating and incorporating your rebranded elements into your site.

This helps businesses to align their site messaging according to the services and products they are offering. This portrays a professional image of your business and reduces confusion among visitors. You can update your site structure by getting in touch with Website Maintenance Dubai to align the layout with your updated branding.

Enhance Your Website User Experience with a Facelift!

Get rid of old-school site visuals and interactive elements that are no longer effective. Incorporate stunning graphics and enhance website functionality for increased sales. Contact experienced web designers from SpiralClickWeb Technologies now and facelift your website for optimal performance.