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Why sport clubs love heat press machines

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Apparel printing with heat presses is a cost-effective and timely way to get new designs printed on your products. From ball caps to t-shirts and hoodies, garments can be customized with your logos, slogans, images, etc.

With effective space management, heat press machines are a convenient way to get your custom t-shirts and other apparel printed. Thus, sports clubs would prefer to have their heat press machine. Below are some of the primary reasons why:

Heat presses are one of the most economical ways to print custom apparel. Heat presses can be used in conjunction with screen printing or other printing methods such as embroidery, silk screening, and appliqué. The overall cost-effectiveness is lower cost and quicker production time than other methods (such as E-blasts) that require more time and maintain the same quality.

Custom embroidery and screen printing are trendy in sports clubs to imprint the team name, year, and logo. However, these traditional printing methods are difficult to reproduce at a fast rate. With this printing method, you have to design the shirt first and then send it out for printing. The time taken depends on various factors, such as the number of shirts printed and the availability of a screen printer or tailor who would take on custom projects.

Meanwhile, heat press machines are designed to print directly onto the fabric and do not require a screen printing process, which can save time and labor from designing to printing.

The problem with screen printing or embroidery is that it often requires a high initial investment for the equipment and training. Thus, not many sports clubs would have the resources or budget to purchase or rent such expensive equipment. On the other hand, a heat press machine is cheap to buy and even cheaper to rent, making it more affordable for sports clubs such as minor league baseball teams, hockey teams, and football/soccer clubs that do not have unlimited budgets.

This is also an advantage for the teams because it allows them to print shirts for their players, fans, and sponsors faster and in more significant quantities than traditional printing methods can achieve. Smaller sports clubs can better their brand recognition by using custom heat press machines to meet the demands of their fans and sponsors.

Heat presses are also convenient ways to get print shirts or other apparel in bulk orders. One person can efficiently operate heat presses, so it’s scalable and allows you to spend more time on other aspects of your business.

Another advantage is that heat presses allow you to run unattended at night, generating more revenue in a short amount of time.

Heat presses reduce the downtime you need to wait for screen and embroidery orders. Sports clubs can operate 24/7 and at the same time have their shirts printed, sending out orders and designing new shirts in less than 24 hours. You also have a faster turnaround rate and higher production quantity for your customers, allowing more profit in a shorter time.

Embroidery and screen printing requires significant time, labor, and capital investment. These printing methods are not the best option for sports clubs looking to produce their customized shirts for players, fans, and sponsors. Heat press machines are cost-effective, easily scalable, and highly productive.

In general, heat presses offer more value to sports clubs lacking capital or human resources. Sports clubs can use custom heat press machines to get a higher return and overall profits. With custom heat transfers, you can get your orders done in less time, increasing your turnaround time and reducing the price per shirt. More importantly, sports clubs can also market faster with their shirts printed quickly.

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