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Why You Need a Credible Witness for Your Car Accident Case

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Following a car accident, finding a credible witness is important to help you prove your eligibility for compensation. If a car accident occurs, other motorists, local business workers, or pedestrians probably saw the crash. Witnesses can offer personal accounts of what took place before, during, and after the accident. To make sure you ask the right questions, you should get a free case evaluation with an experienced attorney. 

Credibility of Witnesses

For a person to be a credible witness, they need to meet certain qualifications such as the following:

  • The person is not involved in any of the parties involved in the accident. A credible witness is not involved as a passenger or driver and has no interest in who will win or lose your accident case.
  • The witness should have seen the whole crash from start to finish. For a witness to be credible, they should have seen what exactly happened when the accident took place. 
  • The witness should remember significant details about the crash. A credible witness remembers which vehicle was speeding, if somebody was cut off, or if the traffic light went red. 
  • The witness should not have a bad history. A credible witness should not have a history of memory loss or lying. Also, they should not have a history or criminal conviction.

Whether or not you think someone at the crash scene is a credible witness, you must get their contact information. Your attorney can contact them later and determine their credibility as witnesses. 

Importance of Having Credible Witnesses

Having a credible witness at your disposal can improve your chances of getting maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. If the insurer knows your witness can prove the negligence of their client, it may be willing to settle your accident claim. 

In addition, as Georgia adopts a comparative negligence system, a credible witness can help you get a bigger settlement. This is because the insurance company will have difficulty proving your negligence. Without a credible witness, the company may try to prove that you were distracted, speeding, or violating a traffic rule. If it can prove you contributed to the accident, your final settlement will be reduced. 

Often, a credible witness is someone who is not biased and has no interest in your case’s outcome. Thus, the best testimony in your car accident case might come from a stranger who happened to witness your accident as it took place. 

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