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Working On Your Lawn This Weekend? Ways To Protect Your Ears When Mowing 

Every homeowner wants a beautiful and elegant lawn. Unfortunately, maintaining a beautiful lawn requires a tad amount of work, including lawn mowing. To mow your lawn, you need to use a lawnmower known to produce up to 95 dB of noise.

What happens when you are exposed to lawnmower noise for a long time?

When you consistently expose yourself to the noise, you risk suffering from noise-induced hearing loss. You are said to be suffering from noise-induced hearing loss when you damage the stereocilia, which are small hair cells responsible for converting sound waves into electrical energy that is then transmitted via the auditory nerve to the brain, where it’s interpreted as sound.

The tiny hair cells don’t grow back, so you have permanent hearing loss when you damage them.

Can you protect yourself when mowing?

The beauty is that you can protect yourself when mowing your lawn. One of the obvious ways is to wear hearing protection. You can wear earplugs or headphones for mowing.

One of the most important things to consider when making the purchase is their comfort when it comes to headphones. The last thing you want is the headphones being too big for your ears that they don’t block the lawnmower’s annoying noise.

The other factor to consider is noise attenuation. How much noise are the headphones keeping from your ears? You want headphones that will attenuate most of the noise while allowing you to hear when someone is talking to you.

If you don’t like the headphones’ bulky look or you find them too heavy, there are earplugs you can use to your advantage. Like headphones, earplugs come in different styles, sizes, and abilities.

There are disposable earplugs, reusable earplugs, custom earplugs, and many others. Although, earplugs aren’t as effective as headphones when blocking the annoying lawnmower noise, they can protect your hearing when you wear them properly.

When shopping for them, you want pieces that will effectively fit your canal without causing a lot of discomfort. You should note that if this is the first time using earplugs, they might feel weird, but things will get better with time.

Earplugs are known to spread ear diseases so take ultra caution when using them. To be on the safe side, avoid sharing your earplugs with the other members of your family.

You also should dispose of them or clean them regularly if using reusable earplugs. If using disposable earplugs, dispose of them after one or two uses. Don’t use them more than this.

Take breaks

Besides protecting your hearing when working, you should also take regular breaks when mowing, especially if you have a large lawn.

Experts recommend you take a break after every hour of mowing. While it will take you longer to complete the work, it will go a long way towards conserving your hearing. By taking a break, you relieve your ears of the lawnmower noise, decreasing the chances of your ears getting damaged.

Get an electric lawnmower.

If you have the means, ditch the petro powered lawnmower and get an electric machine that will mow your lawn quietly. When buying a new electric lawnmower, pay attention to the battery power retention. The last thing you want is having to recharge your machine several times a day to complete your mow. Buy a machine that is the right size for your yard.

Hire a professional

Want to avoid all the noise? Hire a professional to do the lawn mowing. For a great experience, hire an experienced professional. In addition to a professional completing the work fast, they also come with the right tools which give your lawn the perfect look.

Oh…when the professional is working on your lawn, take a drive out of town to stay away from the lawnmower.

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