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How to Write a Strong Argumentative Essay?

How to Write a Strong Argumentative Essay? 

Most students get an argumentative essay as an assignment during the college period. Have you written any so far? If yes, then you must know that argumentative essay writing is challenging, and nailing it flawlessly for your audience demands skills at another level.

Defining argumentative essay

When a writer attempts a topic and persuades its readers to understand and support his viewpoints it’s called an argumentative essay.

In order to score good grades and make a fine first impression on your professors, you might feel tempted to search for “ who can write an essay for me?” online. But we assure you that if you follow our simple tips on how to write a strong essay you can do it yourself.

Tips For Strong Argumentative Essay Writing

  1. Build a commendable essay structure

An essay structure that stands strong and is easy to navigate is a win-win for you as a writer. The argumentative essay writing has a defined structure of introduction, which also contains the thesis statement. This paragraph is used to highlight the main argument of the essay. The body paragraphs are where you highlight why you support your thesis or firmly believe in your viewpoint with supporting evidence. The last is the conclusion where you bring together all your main and sub-arguments. You prove your thesis and can also mention how the topic affects you personally but stay away from introducing any new information or details here. It would help if you only concluded what you started.

  1. Pay attention to your thesis

Though one sentence long, a thesis tells an audience what to expect. If your topic is a question then the thesis statement must answer it. You can also introduce your readers to the opposition of your main argument and give a reason why your argument makes more sense. The thesis is the place where you mention your main argument and build a flow to support it with evidence and sub-arguments in paragraphs to come.

  1. Be precise about the argument you wish to make

There are usually 5 types of arguments i.e. Fact-based (when a point is true or false), definition-based (arguing with your perception on a dictionary definition), value-based (emphasizing on the importance of what you are saying), cause & effect based (addressing the cause of a topic and its effect), policy-based (making the reader care about your topic and asking them to act in a certain way). It would help if you chose a specific argument type so that your audience is clear about what you are trying to communicate.

A complete argument
Perhaps it is helpful to think about the article in terms of conversations or discussions with classmates. If I had to talk about the causes of World War II and the current impact on those who went through this turbulent period, it would be the beginning, the middle, and the end of the conversation. Actually, if I have my second point. If this argument were to end in the middle, questions would arise about the current impact on those who went through the controversy. Therefore, the article under discussion should be complete and logical, with no doubt about its intent or argument.

Five paragraph essay
A common way of writing a discussion essay is to approach the five paragraphs. However, there is no single formula for writing such an essay. If this sounds straightforward, then why not? In fact, this method consists of

(a) an introductory paragraph,

(b) three clear physical paragraphs which may contain a discussion of opposing views, and

(c) a conclusion.

Longer discussion topics
Complex issues and detailed research call for a complex and detailed essay. Argument essay discussing various research resources or empirical research will certainly be longer than five paragraphs. The sources of information and their credibility. As well as a number of different views on the issue before concluding the essay. The assignment will determine many of these factors.


The ultimate goal of an argumentative essay is to present a strong point of view. And back it with logical reasoning and hard evidence. You can always hire professionals to write your essay. In case you lack the skills and your timeline is not allowing you to learn and execute. If you have the determination that you want to learn essay writing then the above tips will help you achieve your goal.

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