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Zager Guitars Making A Positive Impact On History

Zager Guitars Making A Positive Impact On History 

Chilling songs have the ability to impact the nation’s history, as readily proved by the Zager & Evans song, “In the Year 2525.” The song promotes deep thinking about the future and the dangers of runaway technology. During its six-week run at the top of the charts in the summer of 1969, the song ironically played constantly during the moon landing on July 20, 1969. Ironically, this was mankind’s greatest technological achievement up to that date and beyond.

The song has been used in various movies and television shows. The song warned against pills that change your attitude, test-tube babies, and technology running amok. The song was written by Rick Evans in the 1960s after a night of partying, and he played the song with several bands. However, Denny Zager recommended changing the music to match the song’s lyrics.

The results of the retooling were astonishing. Audiences were struck speechless before demanding that the duo replay the song over and over. This was the first instance of Zager Guitars making an impact because Zager was always fiddling around with his guitar to make it easier and more comfortable to play.

Zager Guitars Impact History in Less Public Ways

The hoopla surrounding the duo’s top-selling hit was hard to adjust to, at least for Denny Zager. The two farm boys from Nebraska were booked to tour some of the top music venues in the world, and a photo of the musicians graced the cover of Time Magazine with the headline, “Even the Beatles would be jealous.”

Denny Zagler soon decided to retire because he was tired of the touring schedules. The constant play caused him considerable pain. He returned to Nebraska and opened a guitar shop where he practiced his craft skills. Later, his son would join him in the business.

Zagers Guitars was destined to make an impact on scores of pro musicians over the years. Zager suffered from dyslexia, which affected his learning and playing. He worked hard to build guitars that were easier to play. He eventually established an alternative learning method to play the guitar, without all the endless practicing of scales and chords.

Reviewers of Zager Guitars often reveal skepticism that the guitars are easier to play, but most are astounded to discover the exquisite feel and sound they’re able to produce. Comparisons with top brands, such as Martin and Taylor, are common, and Zager Guitars come up favorably in the comparisons at less than half the price.

Every Zager Guitars model is custom-made and made of high-quality materials that would cost hundreds of dollars more from most guitar makers. Denny Zager provides extra personal touches, such as a picture of him playing the purchased guitar, a hardshell case, and a Zager t-shirt. The impact of Zager Guitars on future generations of musicians and music is readily assured.

Alternative Learning

Zager came up with an alternative learning system for playing the guitar, which focuses on learning to play songs you know and building from there. Playing real tunes gives greater incentive for learning, especially for anyone suffering from learning or physical disabilities.

Zager continues building custom guitars with his son at the shop during the coronavirus. He admits that the pandemic hasn’t really affected his online sales and laid-back social encounters. Zager has played the guitar since he was six years old, but the practicing always wore out his fingers. His proven system of learning — along with a custom-built Zager guitar — has had an impact on hundreds of players that future generations who might well point that out in the year 2525, when “In the Year 2525” will surely again receive airplay.

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