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Structured data, schema markup, JSON-LD and other keywords are heard more and more in the SEO scene. But what does it mean? First and foremost, it is about the Google-compatible presentation of content. This is a decisive factor for placement and an attractive snippet on the largest search engine. A…


WordPress SEO: Your way to a better ranking 

As the most widely used content management system (CMS) worldwide, WordPress is extremely SEO-friendly. That much is clear. However, this does not mean that the mere installation of the software promises a good ranking. But don’t worry: traditional search engine optimizations can be carried out without a…

effective tips to increase website visibility

Recipe for success for international SEO texts 

Why do I need international SEO texts? The internationalization of one’s own business holds great potential. Foreign countries often offer attractive growth opportunities, especially for sectors that are subject to high competitive pressure in the market. International SEO texts: the greatest challenge is the content Will my…


Visitors: Be found by the right people 

visitors who come via search engines are vital for websites, especially for company presences. However, search engine traffic doesn’t come by itself – only entrepreneurs who optimize their website benefit from it. Search engine optimization is a lot of work, however, and SEO also costs a lot of money , which…